The Chronicles of Two Beef Chucks, a Tale in Pictures and Words….

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I don't know what the Asian style noodles are in Chapter 2, but they look really good!
These are the noodles…… they are dang good for a quick meal….. they come with sauce but we often do our own…. We also get their udon version as well. Very tasty too!

The chuck stock had about 3 cups of beef stock, then a Tbsp each of veg and beef base, then 4 Tbsp of hoisin and 2 Tbsp oyster & 5 Tbsp Soy. It makes a very good flavor! Exotic beef……..
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Thanks, now I have this nasty image in my head

Damn CS, that's one helluva meal!!
Thanks XR! Sad thing it wasn’t much more than McDs for the fam!
I feel like each of these things could have been their own Featured threads
Many thanks! Just happy to share….. this is my new honed in method for chucks…..I included the time….. ie chucks on at 9:40am and you are having a MEAL at 5:30…… works every time! Braising liquids can adjust for desired tone…..
Awesome writte up and food looks amazing! Great work!
Many thanks Jed!
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I will add that the bold and rich chuck had a cup of red wine, 3 cups of beef stock, 1Tbsp each veg and beef base, 5 Tbsp soy & 2 Tbsp Worcestershire
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So my story days are over, so here is what my boy made up tonight…… he caramelized some red onions in some balsamic and raw sugar

and then pan seared some more shrimp……the outside was having a freezing rain moment so all inside cooking……

So I made up a bowl of nachos….. some chips, graded white American melted under the broiler, then some of my wife’s queso & fresh salsa, then some shredded Chuck, shrimp, and onions along with some add on’s….

Holy smokes the caramelized onions were just magic…… PS he learned how to do these studying GR’s cook book!

This one is for the beef chuck @ the beach!
That’s some fine looking beef which reminds me it’s chili time!
Oh yes we do smoked chuck chili on a regular basis!!!! Just perfect!
Really enjoyed the journey. Every thing on point for sure. Those shrimp looked so good. Was that adobe sauce? Love those udon noodles.
Thanks Brian, the shrimp were in a combination of chipotle peppers in adobo sause, raw sugar, lime juice, and garlic. The boy might have put some other stuff in it, but since I delegated making shrimp to him, I stay out of it unless it doesn't taste good..... LOL
What an excllent chucky cook and story.
Nice job on all the cooks.

Thanks Stu!
Boy howdy, there is some really fine culinary work going on up there in Idaho, and not just taters! Nice work by you and the boy, he's got it goin' on! RAY is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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