The Irish are here!!!

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Original poster
Jan 30, 2017
Dublin, Ireland

I'm an Irishman living in Dubai. I grew up around the Barbecue, but maybe in a slightly different style to most here... so looking forward to learning allot.

I've been living in apartments for the past few years, so barbecue has been out of the question. I also hang out with allot of South Africans who call a barbecue a brai... they are obsessed with charcoal and think that they invented and own the concept of cooking on a grill... I want to show them a pleasant alternative.

In Ireland the most important part of the Barbecue is good quality meat, I'll be concentrating on pork ribs, pork belly, good shteak, wings, high quality beef burgers and the amazing Irish sausage!!! If you haven't tasted Irish bangers you should. They've got an incredible flavour, unlike anything I've tasted elsewhere. I don't know how the flavour is achieved, but its a combination of good pork, sizzling fat and a unique mix of herbs and spices.

... My barbecue is arriving this week, but with an intense work schedule and limited space (still an apartment, but with ground floor terrace), I'm opting for a gas grill. My choice was limited by what is available in the limited market here... but I was able to find a Char-Griller 3001 3 ring unit, with capability to add a side box if I decide to (which I probably will)... I like the fact that it has heavy weight cast iron grates and a heavy lid. I intend to use a small smoke box under the grill (initially) to provide a bit more flavour. I'm inclined to cook more on the barbecue than in the kitchen, so a hassle free gas grill should make it more accessible.

Q. Can I add lava coals to this? I like to be able to see my flames and I'm a little off put by the baffles... Gas grills always had lava stones when I was a wee lad.

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