The American Classic

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Aug 24, 2007
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Tonight the American classic!  The hamburger, for the wife and I we do it on bread as the rolls have to many calories for our eating habits.  We get smaller rolls, just did not have any this time.  We raise our own beef, but the butcher has a pattie machine, I love the pattie machine.


If you are from PA and ever worked Cheese Steaks you will recognize the spatula on the left.  It is one of two items necessary to bang out a cheese steak.  Had it for a long time, use if for everything.


Because of the flavor of our beef, I only salt and pepper a hamburger.  It requires nothing else.  But the equipment to cook it is a must.  For burgers I call on the Weber Kettle.  I don't think any other grill comes close to what a Weber can produce.  I call on the 22.5 for this job.  Nice equipment, I order this one in blue as I like the different colors they come in.


Always standing by in the fleet is the 26 inch in a great red!  But she will sit this one out.


All my Weber kettles have battle scars.  But they all serve well and they all are a well engineered product!  If you are not used to using a cooking weight, I would suggest you learn to use one.  First they help cook faster, second they great those full on maillard reaction grill marks that make a burger a burger!  Use the weight by preheating it.







The heated cast iron weight also sears making the burger ready for consumption faster!



They come off one with cheese one without.  A nice medium.  Adding in the veggies, some cooked carrots and some oven fries and we are ready to eat.  But while I am out on the grilling kitchen, another member of the household shows up.  Looks like meat for tomorrow.


Like I tell the wife, once you get the hide off of it, carne is carne!







The pickles are homemade.  The onions home grown.  Lettuce and tomato are store bought.

That is a classic and one of my favorites that we don't do very often this time of year. Thanks for the dinner idea Bob.
That's a great meal. We are having the same tonight, only stuffed, with the Weber kettle & RO, but we didn't raise the beef. I like the cast iron weight, may have to get one. Thanks for sharing. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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