Thanksgivng Brisket

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Mar 27, 2010
Did a 9.5 Pound Brisket.

I started with big Plans. Cold weather kept me outside most of the day. I had to go to sleep, so... I just let it run all night without watching. We ended up with 220 meat temp. Still, thick slicing worked. I wanted Sliced as I wanted the rub to have an influence...

I use Drakes Roasted Garlic Peppercorn Rub. It is a local guy in Richland Washington. He has Worchestershire as an ingredient in this rub that I like to compliment the Garlic and Pepercorn. I also used Meat Tender for the Salt component of my rub. I cut the meat tender to about 1/2 the recommended amount. I let it set in the Fridge for 4 hours before putting it on the grill.


The next picture is a nighttime picture with my daytime camera phone. It was about 19 degrees outside. I went with a warmer grill than normal. I Knew I was going to sleep and wanted it to run allnight. Also, I just didn't have the energy to spritz the coals and maintain them. I placed unlit briquets strategically to keep it going all night


I foil wrapped it at 165. Cooked all night.Then I let it cool to resorb the juices and stuck it in the fridge till that night. I reheated it in the foil till it hit 165. I then pulled it about 1/2 hour before the meal and let it cool in the foil. 12 people ate it all, so it was a hit!


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