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Thanksgiving turkey


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Hello y'all, I'm going to smoke a 16 pound bird for good ole turkey day. I plan on smoking it whole. I will be using a 24-inch smoke vault propane smoker with cherry wood chips. I've read up on the danger zone. I would like recommendations on what temperature to smoke at, and a ballpark figure on how long it may take. I've seen temperatures of 240, 300, 375 excetera. All advice is appreciated, happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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Just running out the door so I'll make this quick.  Poultry works best for safety and crisp, bite through skin at a chamber temp about 300F.  325 to 350 is my sweet spot.  I often let it go much higher at the end of the smoke to ensure I get that nice, crispy skin. 

The bottom line, for safety, is the coolest part of the bird should be 165F internal temp.  Check the breast and the thigh. 

I did a 16.3 lb turkey recently where the chamber temp varied from 290F at the beginning, then stabilizing at 340F, with a finish of up to 405F for the last 45 minutes of the smoke.  It was done in 2 hrs 45 minutes, juicy, delicious, and crispy skin.  If you use 300 to 350F, you are looking at 3-4 hours on average for it to be done. 

gary s

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  Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a cool crisp day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great              people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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Hey everyone. I posted this in a new thread but its awaiting moderation before it goes public it says and i really need some help. Sorry for the double post.
i everyone. I am a novice smoker. I have a 20lb turkey that i brined over night in a 5 gallon bucket surrounded by ice and put ice in the brine.
530 am started preparing the turkey
6 am started smoking
It is now 10:52 am and the bird just hit 140 degrees. Smoking at 225 and then raised to 275 when i noticed the temp not getting out if the danger zone.

Is this turkey still okay to eat or do i need to toss it? Any help is appreciated.


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Do yer next one at 325. Poultry don't benefit from low an slow. Be a better skin that a way.

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