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Thanksgiving Turkey with QVIEW


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Joined Jun 2, 2008
Well, the bird is done...didnt take as long as I thought it would, but the temps dont lie :-) and I saw someone else post that a brined turkey doesnt take as long to smoke...

Here are the particulars:

1. Brined in a sterolized 5 gallon bucket for 16 hours. I used Tips Slaughterhouse recipe (but I added additional garlic....cant get enough garlic...and it keeps the vampires away). Thanks to Tip for the recipe!!!

2. Pulled the Turkey from the bucket, rinsed and rubbed down with olive oil.

3. Mixed up a Tuscan rub found in the BBQ Bible...basically rosemary, kosher salt, sage, garlic, black pepper and oregano...rubbed down the turkey inside/outside of the skin.

4. Using my last hunk of Pecan (Brian I need more!!!!) with some apple and cherry chipped wood around it...should be a nice mild smoke.

5. Spritzed with a Bacardi Jamaican Me Crazy Malt beverage mixed with a little apple juice...Thanks for all the help on the earlier post. I was able to spritz 3 times before the Turkey was finished.

And here are the results! (BTW...I feel very inadequate after seeing RBRANSTNER's post on smoking 9 turkeys!!! But it was worth mentioning!!! http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/100716/9-turkey-s-for-thanksgiving-heavy-qview  )

Tuscan Rub


After the bath, and a nice Rub (no...no happy ending you sickos..hehe)


Into the smoke (just got the second polder...My other cheap thermos have bit the dust)


It wouldn't be a smoke without the Cleanup Crew!!!! They are never very far away when I am smoking or grilling)


About 4 hours...nice coloring, and smells fantastic!!! Cant wait to carve and eat tomorrow!!!!



Thanks for viewing!!! and I hope you all have a safe, happy, filling Thanksgiving!!!! 


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Now thats a nice bird there. I like the spice mixture that you used.

rp ribking

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Dang, it!!         All have for tomorrow are a couple of beer can chickens.

Looks awesome!!!


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Now that looks Pugtastic! I'll be tripping over mine tomorrow all day.


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I just licked my screen... didn't seem to taste as good as it looks!  J/K.

That Turkey looks AMAZING!!  Great Job.


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Nice mahogany color on your bird! Don't forget to throw us some pics when you slice that bad boy!


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Nice mahogany color on your bird! Don't forget to throw us some pics when you slice that bad boy!

Will do...we are not eating until 4:00 pm tomorrow, so I will be heating up the whole bird first, then slicing it before heading over to my parents...I will shoot some pics and post them...

Thanks for viewing, and have a great turkey day everyone!

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