Thanks to fpnmf and pops6927

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Dec 1, 2010
I want to thank fpnmf and pops6927. First to fpnmf fot showing me the site on converting a college sized frig to cold smoker.  And secound to pops6927 for posting his thread and pics that I used to convert my own frig to a cold smoker. I gave it a test run yesterday on a block of chedder and a handfull of pecans.  It worked beautifully with my Amaz N Smoker loaded half full.  Temp outside was at 27 degrees the inside temp got up to 74 degrees throughout the hole smoke.  The cheese had a beautiful color and the pecans tasted great but I'm resisting the urge to eat them at this time I'm going to let both rest a few days to mellow out the smoke.  I love this web and all the help I've recieved since joining this forum.  Thanks again for all the help.
My pleasure!!

 Have a great day!!

Pops is great.... I dont know about that other guy......
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