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  1. Found this at a local flea market for $1.00 Thinking about using it in my UDS-30. 

    Question: If you can see in the photo it tops out @ 240F, will temps over 240F damage the thermometer?

    I'm guessing yes, and knowing my UDS swings some at the beginning I don't want to destroy it. Maybe I could remove it during the hot times. Or just use it when I get around to learning about cold smoking.

  2. aggie94

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    Its a deal for a $1, too bad it doesn't have a wider temp range. 
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  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Wouldn't work in my UDS. I like to run hotter than 240 for 85-90% of my cooks.

    Yes you will need to remove it or risk damage above 240. Make sure and test it in boiling water to see how accurate it is.
  4. dward51

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    Yep, you would likely damage it in a UDS.   It would be perfect for a insulated electric smoker build though.  PID would keep the temps below the max, and you have the cold smoke range covered.

    Give it the ice water/boiling water test to make sure someone has not already damaged it.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I did the test: Dead on at 32 F in slushy ice and only 1 degree short in the boiling water corrected for elevation. I'll put it  away until the right situation comes along.

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