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  1. I received my order from Syracuse casings today, 35-38mm casing on tubes.
    I've either got them from the local butcher in the past or from amazon in a bag packed with salt.
    My question is do I take these of the tubes to rinse and soak like I do with the other casings I have used? Seems like it would defeat the purpose of putting them on tubes,unless I'm missing something here.
    Thanks Rob
  2. smokinal

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    No if they come on the tubes they are ready to go. Just slide them on the stuffer & stuff away.

  3. bkleinsmid

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    I just soak them in warm water for a couple of hours then slip them on the stuffing tube. I have had very good luck with that company.....

  4. jeffinn

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    Yep, just soak them and go. I use the same casings, they work really well!
  5. Awesome. Thanks everybody!
  6. mummel

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    I thought about getting pre-tubed casings myself, but after realizing how good it is to soak them for a week before hand (makes them easier to handle, less blowouts etc), I decided against it. 

    Perhaps you could soak the pre-tubed ones for a couple of days before?  What sausage you making!!!????
  7. donr

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    The pre-tubed hog casings I got from SausageMaker said to soak for 24 hours.  It didn't say, but I assume that is changing the water several times during that period.

  8. I think a batch of Italian is up next.I just made 15 lbs of breakfast sausage this past weekend,made patties. I've made a few batches of (hot)smoked cheddar garlic that the family and coworkers thoroughly enjoyed. Picked up the book by Rytek Kutas. The next smoked sausage I will try my hand at curing and cold smoking. I think I have a sausage problem and have had a smoking problem for a while.
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    I have his book it's an older addition,I find his recipes are usually a little heavy on the salt.IMHO I would suggest using less and doing a fry test.Now being that you made Sausage last week 


  10. I add my salt by weight 1 to 1.5 % depending on what I'm making
  11. Some fatties. Heavy garlic and cheddar
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  12. tropics

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    Some fine looking sausage you are making Thanks for sharing the pics.Points


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