SV NY strip

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Mar 11, 2015
Northeast PA
I'll be having dinner alone tonight so I thought I'd break out the SV and throw in a strip.

The steak is in a bag seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning's and a pad of butter.

I have the water set at 135° and it will cook for one hour minimum up to a max of four hours. Then I will either sear in a hot pan or take a blowtorch to it. I haven't decided.
Well, I have to say this steak turned out better than the T-bone from the other day. I ended up searing the steak over butter in a hot pan and I must say that this was tastier than searing on the grill.

Here's some plated shots:
As you can see, I got a pretty good crust on this one.

Thanks for looking.
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Nice looking steak.

Your getting the hang of SV it looks like.
Nice! Just right, I bet that baby was tender. 

Thank you Red! It was very good, tender too.

Nice looking steak.

Your getting the hang of SV it looks like.

Thank you Adam! It's really an easy process. The results are repeatable since you're cooking to a precise temperature. Once you figure out what works, you'll be able to make that same dish over and over again. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.