Sunday's Smoke

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May 21, 2007
My largest smoke to date but small compared to the pros here. Did a 9lb picnic which I pulled and finished with SoFla's finishing sauce, a big brined roaster on a throne done with "wild willys number one-derful" rub, my first batch of ABTs which were a big hit with the kids, and since the grill was starting to feel lonely, we had some grilled salmon with a soy-ginger marinade for dinner. The pork and chix are for dinners this week since my bride will have a tough week at work but my kids assured me that from their sampling all will be delicious.

And the pics:



>If Mom ain't happy, nobody is happy.

Have truer words ever been spoken? And she was grateful
. Next week I tackle some fatties.
I guess there are benefits to living in a prime area for agriculture. Almost makes the smell of cattle dookie when the wind is right bearable.
Great job Droopy! Man that looks good. You did a wonderful job there I'lll bet Momma was happy she won't have to cook all week. That's a big advantage of cooking super on a smoker.

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