Sunday Spare Ribs

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Brian, great job, looks good. Life don't get any better than that, good food, you dog and a little helper that will never forget that experience. BEAR
Hey Brian,
Now that's what I call an outstanding effort! I agree with Bear, you've got some fine help coming along there. Mine are all grown now but the times we get together are just as good as ever. Enjoy!!
Now that's the way it's supposed to be done! 8) Love seeing a full smoker, specially when it's full of ribs! :D
Thanks, Guys! I'm glad I finally figured out how to post pics. There will be plenty more to come...especially after the weather breaks...

Y2K...Yes, I did use the 3-2-1 method. The 2nd pic from the left was taken after the first 3 hours just before I splashed 'em with cider and covered with foil. the pic next to that is of the finised product.

There was nothing left at the end of the day but the empty foil pan...

Looks great Brain and congrats on getting the picture thing figured out.
I bet if we could digest alauminum the pan would be gone too!! 8)
Brian - Great Pics
Ribs look Great....
Love the sweatshirt too..(Go Tribe!!!)
I thought I was the only Smoker in NE Ohio....Although all my friends think I'm nuts, they all seem to come around when the smoker is smokin!!!
Have a group coming over this weekend ...We're making 100 pounds of sausage. They all asked me if I'd be smoking anything while we were 'working'.
ebirt-Welcome to Smoking Meat Forum. What kind of sausage are you making this weekend? Sounds like it will keep you busy for a while.

When you get a chance, pop on in to Roll Call and tell us a little bit about your self, what you like to smoke and what kind of smoker(s) you use.

Thank you for the welcome Earl.
AFter visiting the website for the last five months, I figured it's time I put my two cents in...

A bunch of friends are coming over and we are making Italian sausage. Some hot and some mild. While doing that, we will be smoking turkey (I just finished putting them in brine), some baby back ribs and a couple of pork butts. We will also take the bones from the pork butts that we use for the sausage and smoke those...They are great in homemade soup....
Welcome to our little corner of the web, ebirt, glad you finally decided to chime in. As you can tell, we've got a great group here and we have alot of fun sharing our experiences about our mutual passion.

I see that you and I have something else in common that I am absolutely passionate about...Indians baseball! I've been an avid fan since I was old enough to lift a bat. I've also got a pretty good collection of autographs and other memorabilia.

Where in NE Ohio are you located? I'm in Uniontown, just south of Akron.

I'm due north about 60 miles in Mentor. I too am devoted to the Tribe....As long as I can remember, I have been a Tribe fan....thru bad times and worse (35 years of it before the 95 season)

Just finished a busy day. Started at 5:30 this morning. Watched the sun come up while I put in a pork butt, some ribs a couple of turkey legs and a couple of turkey breasts....While those were smoking, some old friends came over and we spent the day making Italian Sausage. Ended up with about 100 pounds (no we didn't smoke this sausage)....

By noon the ribs and turkey were done....Most of these had never seen a smoker alet lone eat any of the meat from one....It only took one bite for all them to be sold on it....A feast was had by all of us!

By the end of the day they were all wondering when the smoker would be smoking again....I'm sure these guys will be dropping in alot on weekends...
Sounds like you had a grand time ebirt and it sound like your smoke went well too!! Maybe your freinds will come over to the BLUE side :D
I know the Mentor area well, ebirt. I grew up in Chesterland and my Mom now lives in Chardon. I travel up to visit often, and occassionally make my way into Grand River to Pickle Bills Restaurant. (Many years ago I was a bartender there and they still offer the best all you can eat crablegs around).

Sounds like your weekend smoke was a success. I expect now that you will have many guests throughout the coming spring and summer weekends! That can be a good thing though, at my house, I keep the neighbors and friends well fed, and they, in turn, keep my beer fridge well stocked! :D

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