Sunday smoke: need advice for my new brinkman electric

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tatuajevi, May 26, 2013.

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    Well it's a beautiful day and I've got some baby back ribs and some chicken legs on my new brinkman electric. Doing a bit of reading the last few nights, I put my wood chips in tinfoil packets and threw them on the heating element. Started with three packets, I'd guess a quarter cup of chips per packet. Now I'm getting a whole lot of billowing white smoke. Any suggestions?
  2. Let er smoke. You'll be Eatin good in a couple more hours.
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    You should be alright as long as the Chicken is at 165*F in the Breast and in the deeoest part of the Thighs without touching bone. Don't have your Chicken ( OVER ) the Ribs or anything else, cross contamination , you'll get sick.

    Try to let the smoke settle down to a light color(patience) and then add your food.

    We have a great product advertized on this forim, the AMNPS . Todd Johnson is the owner and a Great businessman, service is his middle name (I think)[​IMG]  Anyhow, you should ask for one for Father'd Day (if you are - if not ,just ask for one[​IMG]) .

    These are fantastic for Hot or Cold Smoking. Cheese is great. You have a great Holiday and remember the Fallen and those serving... and...
  4. tatuajevi

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    I definitely plan on getting an ANPS and actually contacted Todd already. Meanwhile, I'll work on this whole patience thing :)

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