Sunday Evening T-Bone and Stuff

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Feb 18, 2012
SCV - So Cal
Normally I would not bother to make a post on just another T-bone. Everyone loves them and cooked over wood is the best.

Earlier tonight I cooked one up and after watching A video of Guga foods making some frys like I have never tried. I had to do it.

I fired up the pit and placed on a very nice sized T-Bone and some tomatoes.


While that was cooking up I de-skinned three potatoes then ran them thru my new Ninja food processor with the shredding blade. I then sat the shreds in a big bowl of water to get them ready. I heated a deep pan with oil to 350*. Then I drained and fried them like normal fries.

When all was done it made a pretty decent dinner. I had a bonus jar of fire grilled salsa I put in the fridge for later. It had some of the peppers I smoked a couple of days ago.


The shredded fries were the bomb! I added some salt and paprika after frying them. Why had I never heard of this before? I will defiantly make this again and again.

Around midnight my tummy was growling so it was time for a midnight snack. I heated up some of the steak and the fries in the microwave. Then I toasted up half a cinnamon and raisin bagel and topped it with Philly Cheese whipped chive spread. I did not have any A1 sauce so I plopped on some of the earlier made salsa to dip the steak in. It was great.


Everything was great but the shredded fries were the king of the show. They are so tasty and crispy even reheated. My new favorite.
That looks absolutely amazing! Which ninja food processor did you use? I think I need an upgrade and may have to follow suit.

This would similarly do really well for my onion smashburgers, since they require very very fine onion slices.
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Looks great . I'm past do for that meal .
We've recently started going to an upper end steakhouse as a treat , and that's they serve the fries . Damn good like that .
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Aint nothing wrong with posting up "just a T-bone" when it looks that good. And I like the fries also. And that midnight snack is spot on also.

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Great looking meal! I tried the boil in vinegar method last week where pretty good but going to try this one. You only fried once right?

I only fried once. They are so thin you have to watch them though. They go from white to burnt real fast. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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