Successful brisket

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Jul 5, 2013
Western Pennsylvania
Hey guys and girls...

I can't find the pics right now, so forgive me.  I'm searching through my phone, as I know I took pics.   Anyways, a few weekends ago my family and the wifes family were over at the new house here for an "open house" and post holiday party.   We had about 20 people total and one of my main dishes was beef brisket.

I selected a 12 pound USDA Choice wedge cut brisket from the local Sam's Club.   Nice fat layer on top, and the brisket was very easy to bend and move around.  (2 things I learned from here to check for)  

Brought it home and seasoned it.   I first brushed on BBQ sauce all over the meat to kind of make a sticky base for the seasoning to stick to the meat.  I just used Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce as I haven't had the time yet to make a homemade sauce.    I then used equal parts of Sea Salt, Ground Black Pepper and Garlic Salt.  Then I took half part of Paprika.  Mixed it all up in a big bowl and covered and massaged the rub into the brisket.   Once it was all covered, I placed the brisket back into the fridge overnight to let the seasoning settle in.  

Next day I was up early with the smoker set at 200 degrees with hickory/cherry wood mix.   I did a 14 hour smoke (1 hour per pound + 2 hours) while carefully monitoring from my remote meat thermometer.     Around the 14th hour, the party was started and the brisket was at an IT of 165.  

I pulled the brisket, and sliced it down and the brisket was incredibly juicy and flavorful.   Nothing but compliments from the family, and lots of seconds, thirds and fourth's to go around.      This was my first big party at the new house and the brisket was definetely a hit.  I keep being asked when we're doing it again.

I think I followed a pretty basic brisket recipe and just wanted to share it as it's pretty easy to do and had great results.   Also not bad cost wise to feed a couple of families! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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