stuffing a tenderloin

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Original poster
Jan 3, 2021
hey gang,
newbie smoker. I am trying to balance my love of smoking meat with my wifes keto diet. Should work in theory, meat, meat and more meat. But I want to smoke a tenderloin soon. And I want to stuff it with cream cheese. Is that doable? Or is just going to leak all over my smoker?

Also, my wife doesn't like things too smokey? So, I was gonna wrap it foil after like an hour and 1/2 or so.

If using just Cream Cheese, it gets runny when heated. The best method, although it takes a bit of finagleing, is to insert a Boning knife in the large end, slowly cutting a bit to each side to make a Pocket. You can make the pocket deeper by inserting a Clean Honing Steel an manipulate the pocket further than the knife would reach. DON'T poke through the thin end. You put the softened cheese in a zip bag, cut a corner and Pipe the cheese in. That said, if you add other ingredient with the Cream Cheese, you can Butterfly and roll the pork. See below...JJ

Yep, Balsamic Vinegar. When heavily reduced it gets thick and sweet, losing much if its sharp edge. Add the caramelized Onions and you get sweet and savory topping for meat. The Walmart near me carries Rachel Ray's Balsamic Reduction. It is syrupy with a mellow balance of sweet and tart. It's Amazing on a Caprese Salad with Garlic Oil. So good with ripe Tomato, Fresh Basil and Fresh Mozzarella that I'll eat that once a week for a late Breakfast...JJ

I have found that cream cheese stays pretty well intact when stuffed inside meat. I have not done it in a pork tenderloin, but have plenty of chicken breasts and breakfast fatties and of course ABTs
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