Stuffed pork loin--and a little something extra

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  1. Wanted to share a method I've been doing for years that isn't the typical stuffing, nor nearly as putzy.  Before you get ready to stuff, take whatever you're going to use for the stuffing, put it into plastic wrap, roll it out into a cylinder, and freeze it enough that it becomes rigid.  Then take your loin, and slit it in each end--in this case, I take the loin (only using a half this go-round), stood it on each end, and cut a slit through:


    Then, stuff the loin with the frozen stuffing:  this time, I used some apple and Gouda filled sausage, but use whatever you want for the filling:


    Onto the NB Black Diamond (old style) for the afternoon:  it joined a brisket that I'd started early morning with hickory and maple chunks, and voila:


    Oh, and not to forget its little bovine friend that started as a 13 pound untrimmed brisket...


    I've found this way to stuff a pork loin much easier than screwing around with splitting it, stuffing it, tying it up, etc.  Not nearly as messy, and I don't find it to dry out nearly as much:  this tends to baste from the inside out.  Happy stuffing!
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  3. Al, please let me know if you can view these now....
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    Pictures are there and it looks DARN good!  Nice idea for the loin, and the brisket looks very nice!

    Points for the procedure!
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    Great photo's & that brisket looks amazing!

    I have to give you a point for the way you stuffed that loin.

    I think the only reason I would continue to flatten the loin out instead of using your method is because I could get a lot more filling inside.

    If there was a way to get that hole a lot larger so that you could really fill it up, that would be awesome.

  6. Thanks, gents. Al, you can get the hole larger--lay the loin flat, start closer to one side, and cut toward the other side as large as you want the stuffing to fill. You can nearly go side to side with the filling without laying the loin open.
  7. Great idea. I will try it soon with spicy Cajun sausage. Reminds me of our favorite braised roast beef with a carrot stuck through it cooked with a marina sauce.
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    Got to love a stuffed loin,and that brisky looks great!
  9. Thanks, boys.  Sundown, you'll love some andouille in there--chorizo is another good option.  Enjoy.
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    That's a great method for stuffing a loin.  Definitely a lot better than butterflying, which I have to admit I do poorly--and that's a real understatement.

  11. Thanks, Gary--I'm sure my butterflying inabilities far exceed yours, thus why I started doing it this way. Hope it works well for you.

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