Stuck deciding between Masterbuilt G800 and Campchef Woodwind 24 w Sidekick

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Jul 17, 2022
Hello everyone! (I did post this on the charcoal section of the forums as well)

Completely new smoker guy here. Ever since I was a kid, I'd watch videos of people with their Traegers and Offsets and just became completely fascinated with smokers and smoked meat.

I've narrowed down my search to the Masterbuilt G800 vs Campchef Woodwind 24 w Sidekick.

My criteria is as much as I love authentic and playing around with the firebox, I just don't have the time sit around with an offset, plus I want to versatility of being able to grill, sear and make pizza (Does the Masterbuilt make pizza?)

I've never smoked any meats before, nothing at all. I live in the UK so our smoked BBQ joints are probably nowhere near as good as yours in the US. My point here is I don't have any real reference point to go off of for example doing research people say pure Charcoal (MB) beats out Pellet anyday etc but I don't have that reference point in the sense of if I went with the Campchef, I'd only know that taste y'know?

I'm torn between the two and just not really sure. For me, I love the ability to set it and forget it with both.

Pros and cons to both for me:

MB pros:

- Real charcoal and wood smoke
- Bigger grilling and griddling space
- Cheaper


- Build quality?
- Harder to clean?

CC pros:

- Higher tech?
- Nostalgia as a kid as my very first smoker videos were pellet smokers
- Less fuel usage?


- Expensive - probably comes out as £400 - £500 with all the sidekick attachments + gas cylinder
- Smoke flavour lacks

I think what it'll come down to for me is the ability to clean each one. How has peoples experience been when cleaning the Masterbuilt? The same goes for the experience cleaning the Campchef.

People who have both the MB and CC, what's the cleaning comparison?

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