Step by Step Smoked Corn on the Cob

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good job talken bout momma my half does most of it to i just take pics & eat it and smell it need to give em more credit than i do thanks to all the mama's out there that do it all and we take pics and eat
Looks good. I'm just too lazy to remove the silks prior to grilling/smoking. I also find that the silks are much easier to remove after the cooking's been done.

I use the old, sliced, buttered bread trick to butter them after they're cooked.
great thread dude!!!!!!!!! i one of the guilty partys that pm'd, but graciously wd supplied me the info. folks if you have not tried this..... has to go on the must do list. i used super market corn as we have no local available yet and even that was great. thks WD!!!!! a sticky would be great for this!!!
you smoking or grilling?

this was for smoking corn, but this should also werk for grilling also.........

TN_BBQ, i take the silk off first, cause i like to butter the corn first.......helps with keeping the corn moist and tender
Corn grills up very nicely. There I think soaking the corn maybe a little more useful since grilling is typically a higher heat!
I understand why you'd leave the husks on for grilling, but why leave them on for smoking? seems you'd be better off with increased surface area of naked corn.

We tend to boil it, which at 212F is not THAT much below your 220-250.
i leave the husks on the keep the butter against the corn, and it helps keep the corn from drying out

i have tried this exactly like wd says and it is xlent, the smoke penetrates the thin layer of husks left on the cob and they are tied up nice on the end it keeps most of the butter in there... premo stuff!!!!!
Nice d88de!!! those look great. I have been doing ears on the grill like that for a few years.... the only dif is I soak em in water fore a while before cooking.. I guess my idea for that was to help steam em and keep em from drying out. But Im gonna give the butter and smoker a try next time.. thanks.
I LOVE roasted/smoked COTC, I do the exact same proceedure at times, but leave the silk in place, I can easily put away 5 or 6 ears.

If the corn is good and fresh and the exposed silk is moist, you should'nt have to soak them in water, but it doesn't hurt. Just my 2¢.
Great recipe and tutorial, d88de. I tried to cook corn this way once and it was a disaster. Now I have something to go off of.
Dude you have earned yourself a sticky!

When this was first posted I was having troubles with computer and phone lines due to a lightning strike!

WOW! I wanna see more posts like this!

your too kind mark.........tho it WAS the other mark (beaker) who brought it to the gathering. But i found this method the soaking.......butter stays nice.........and you can even add spices to the corn BEFORE smoking is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.