St Patrick's-Time for Corned Beef & Pastrami

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While I was bored smoking the Pastrami I whipped up a batch of my Poblano sausage. I know this is the Beef forum, don't kick me off.

I don't stuff this sausage. I use it to make meatballs sometimes and with eggs for breakfast tacos. Bueno.

LOL---I had a big smile on my face the first time MacBB showed that little smoker house---Very cool!   

I vote we don't kick him off the Beef forum for packin' Pork!   

I will post the recipe when I get a chance. I am sitting back resting after a long day of smoking.....Very physically demanding :) Did have to split a few pecan logs.

It is from Michael Ruhlmann's book. Sometimes I add a few of jalepenos when roasting the poblanos. Gives a little kick to it.
Steamed half of the pastrami today. I do this on the gas grill with one of those smoker thingies. If you do this in the house you will have the smokey pastrami smell for a week.

This will not only bring a tear to your eye but you should salivate. This might be the best I have ever done. Tender, salty and fatty. How healthy can you get?

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