St. Louis ribs from Costco

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Jul 13, 2006
A few weeks back I bought 2 racks of St. Louis ribs from Costco.  I'm not a newbie at smoking meat....but far from a professional.

One rack I used the 3-2-1 method...but the other rack I decided to just leave 'em in and see what happens.

The 3-2-1 was what it always is....but I REALLY liked the ones that never touched the foil.  They had way better flavor.....the rub and spices were much more pronounced.  It even seemed "spicier" but I used the exact same rub on the two racks.  I did have two issues though. 

On both racks that ribs were really really and hard even...especially at the very ends....I just tossed the ones at the very ends though   I did use some granulated sugar and I'm wondering if that is what burned.....perhaps my thermometer is a bit off and running higher that I thought??  I tried to keep it at 250 or lower (per my thermometer)

Also....the ribs that weren't in the foil didn't bend when picked up with tongs.  They had been in for 6 hours.....should I have kept them in longer??  They still had great flavor and weren't tough at fact I liked the texture better.....they looked more "professional"  but they didn't bend like the 3-2-1 at all.

Oh....and I use a Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain Propane smoker.....for now. 
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Yes, next time Q-view.

Here's a hint though , get some Turbinato Sugar , (Raw Sugar) , it does not burn as Refined Sugar does , but gives a nice Carmelization...and has a bit of a Molasas flavor...

Calibrate your Therm. and find the Hot spots in the Smoke Chamber. Get some more Spares and do it again... you'll see a diff.


Have fun and...
Husky, I started out using the 3-2-1 method but I haven't used that method for several years, feedback from the family says they perfer the unfoiled ribs better. Like oldschool said-get some turbinado sugar and use that in place of granulated or brown sugar. Even in Tulsa Jeffs rub recipe I'll use turbinaded sugar.
After reading lots of threads here, I've started using Turbinado Sugar with much better results.

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