SRF Waygu Gold Brisket

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Sep 16, 2007
any of you had the Snake River farms gold brisket? Is it that much better than prime grade? Is it worth the price? Need to cook a brisket next weekend for family birthdays and was thinking of getting one. I do have several prime briskets from Costco in the freezer. What say the masses.
Go for Gold or stick with the already owned prime ?
Never had one, I'm sure it's good. But I always have that fear of... what if I spend all that money and it tastes just like a brisket from Safeway lol. But the fearless side really wants to know how good it is. Tough choice. But I've seen your posts, my bet is, you can cook a Prime just as good as that Gold. Good luck. Keep us posted.
Maybe schlotz schlotz can help.
I never have but know it's a different buttery rich taste. I do plan to use one at our next KCBS comp. Luckily we have sponsors to help with the costs.

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If I were spending your money, I’d buy it and find out. But not on my dime, just saying.
I’m kind of wanting to try it but I could also use the freezer space. We are slaughtering in a couple months and need to fit half a steer in one of the freezers. Some day, Some day
Since it's not my money. Why not do one of each and report back on the side by side comparison. It's so easy spending other peoples money.

Personally I love my family, but not enough to spend 240.00 on a chunk of meat.

SNF and Wagyu overall is something I buy if someone gives me a gift card lol . I just can't rationalize the cost. I think SRF is pretty overated as well as it's actually hybrid not purebred wagyu. If I were going to buy Wagyu out of my pocket I'd go for purebred. I do have an SRF BLACK brisket in the freezer I got as a gift. I also bought an A4 purebred Wagyu flat iron with a gift card. It was only $14 /lbs on special. It's in the freezer for a special occasion as well.
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Always fun to do side by side comparisons, although doing that with full packer briskets might not be the best use of money and certainly presents a lot of smoked brisket to deal with. The whole question regarding Prime vs Wagyu regardless of grade or choice of cut is going to come down to personal preference in taste. Everybody has their preferred flavor & texture profiles. Then of course there is non-beef consideration that might interfere and actually become the deciding factor, i.e. cost. IMO, Wagyu (pure or full blood) is worth it for special occasions or at least enjoyed on a limited rotation. Here is some information I posted a while back that can help educate potential buyers on Wagyu. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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