Spoilage, Flavor changing shortly after production finished...

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Mar 11, 2013
I am starting a small hand-made jerky business and have posted here a few times in the past.

I noticed the delicious flavor of my jerky/marinade is leaving the meat within 3-4 days after production. I think the issue is how I am storing it.

Currently I store it in a plastic tupperware that is air-tight. Then I package it 2-3 days after production. I currently package it in temporary plastic ziplock bags with an anti-moisture sachet.

My thinking is the problem is the air inside of the tupperware phase is enough to leach out the flavors. Maybe I need to package it alot sooner than I thought. Also I'm looking into getting anti-oxygen sachets instead of anti-moisture. I dont want to dry it out too much in the package.

Sometimes the meat is a bit more fatty, in those cases the flavor becomes...well, bad. My guess is this is a rancid flavor coming from higher-fat content meat and exposure to air/improper packaging.

I guess I wanted to post here to get advice. I am ordering full new packaging with Doypack kraft paper outside, VMPET/CPP 100 micron thickness. When the new packaging comes my plan is to use sachets to keep the atmosphere in the packaging on point so I dont lose flavor. Eventually I will hopefully be able to nitrogen purge the packages but that is still a bit off, unless I find a "home" or small business solution. Vaccum packaging the new bags will also not be an option.
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No, I am trying to keep all ingredients as natural as possible.

I experimented last week with adding lemon juice (citric acid) as a natural preservative. Hopefully this + packaging with oxygen absorber <24h after production should solve the issue.
Not sure where in Europe you are located but the methods you are trying to use wouldn't be allowed in my neck of the woods for resale products. Maybe @Wade can help you out.
Well with the EU mostly the food laws are unified. And more strict than the US. How is adding lemon juice to my marinade not allowed for resale? Also oxygen absorber packets are legal here? Am I missing something? Thanks.
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