Spiral Ham?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by low'n'slow, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away - it comes in October in Canada, not November! - I'm thinking about doing a (pre-cooked, pre-glazed) spiral ham on my MES smoker. I read a few threads here that mentioned it but I still have a few questions:
    • What would be the best temperature to heat it at? I assume 225 F would work just fine, but how long per pound roughly?
    • Would it be necessary to keep it moist (by basting/spraying)? And would it be better to put it in a pan, rather than directly on the rack?
    • Is there any point in using wood at all? I assume a pre-cooked ham wouldn't get any benefit from the smoke.
    I was thinking of using this recipe: http://www.gardenandhearth.com/Barbe...Smoked-Ham.htm but any hints/tips/suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Low, I just did one a few weeks ago. I basted it w/apple juice to keep it moist. The smoke helped it a bunch, very good. My big mistake was not place'n it cut side down, I did it w/the cut side on the left side(L or R doesn't matter, just confusing statement). It dried out on the top end as the slices started to lay open(pull away from the "chunk").

    My suggestion, use wood and baste often. That is what I'll do next time.......and lay it cut up or cut down.........depends on my mood and if I can steady it for cut up.

    Good luck.

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