Spicy summer sausage opinions needed

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Mar 14, 2015
I've done a search and haven't found anything on this specific topic, so here goes. I'm making summer sausage and have had several requests to make it HOT. I've used jalapeños in the past and I've also experimented with crushed red pepper. The jalapeños never seem to get it hot enough, and I always seem too timid with the crushed red to get the heat that I want.

All that being said, I'm thinking about using cayenne this time. I'm using LEM Backwoods seasoning and 10 pound batches of meat.

Anyone have any thoughts on how much cayenne I should use?

I would start out with 1T for 5lbs. Do a test sample and see what you think of the heat. One thing I have learned is don't try your sample until it is cooled.
I was a wimp and did 2T in 15lbs of meat. Will report back on how it turns out. It'll be ready to stuff in the casing Wednesday and hit the smoker on Thursday.
Also if you don't want to go full on to cayenne, try ground jalapeno powder.  It adds the flavor of jalapeno and you can add more to crank up the heat without going to a full alarm cayenne mix.  Also I would try crushed red pepper that was run through a spice grinder to give a more fine mix.  I often do this as it leads to more even distribution if I'm adding more (same volume, just spread out more in the meat mix, etc...)
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