Spicy pre-made rub?

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  1. Forgive me if I missed a thread on this. My father will be coming over next weekend to help with some work on my house and he’s a big rib fan, and has also never tried any of my smokings. I’m still masting the art of this so I’d prefer to buy a pre-made rub instead of making my own, once I get to know my smoker a litte better I’ll move into the making my own rub phase. My dad really enjoys spicy food, do any of you know any spicy rubs? I’d love something with a kick bite at the end but not overwhelming. Thanks for any suggestions! Happy smoking
  2. kathrynn

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    Any of the Mccormick's rubs are good and most have a little kick to them.  You can find others at most of the Sports store...Bass Pro....Academy Sports....Cabela's....

    It's not a sin to use the commercial ones....there are so many to try and most are good...so why not?

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    If you have a savory spice shop near you they have a large variety and the staff, at least at mine, are very helpful.
  4. Dizzy Pig has some spicy rubs.  So does Penzy's.

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