Spatchcocked or not?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by georgie porgie, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Getting ready for my first venture into smoking, gonna try a chicken, using briquettes with oak chips,  but wondered do I soak the chips first, should I spatchcock the chicken or smoke it whole, also should I brine it? thanks in advance for putting up with a complete novice  [​IMG]
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    What smoker are you using?

    I have done chicken both ways and don't really have a preference other than spatchcocked birds are easier to handle.

    There is no need to soak the chips. All you are doing is causing the chips to steam before they smoke. With charcoal i prefer wood chunks as the last longer and give a more consistent level of smoke. 

    I always brine chicken (If I remember to in time). It is a simple step that makes a big difference. 
  3. Thanks bmaddox, I guess it's gonna be trial and error as its a home made smoker, I have a selection of chips and chunks coming tomorrow

  4. flgatorguy87

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    I like to spatch the bird and then finish on the grill. Crispy skin is the only way to go.
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    That is a cool looking smoker. Did you start a thread to show how it was built?
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    I spatch 99% of all the poultry I smoke. A spatched bird takes up a bit more room, but it will cook evenly. I also like the presentation. I don't brine or spritz. I do sometimes inject the birds for additional flavor. I am also a big proponent of high temp smokes for poultry. Birds take on the smoke pretty quick and the higher temp cook will crisp the skin and keep the meat moist. One more tip for crispy skin is to make sure the bird is dry. Best way to do that is to let it air dry for 8-12 in the fridge. If you are short on time, hit the bird with a hair dryer on low right before putting it in the smoker. Oil, butter, mayo won't help with crimping the skin especially if you plan on going low and slow.
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    Georgie , do not soak the chips they will cause bad smoke (heavy white or off colored smoke) . Use your normal method of burning your fuel , except for he

    wet part.

    I feel Spatchocking a bird is the easiest for a new Smoker to try . You'll get more even heat to all parts of the Bird. Beercan is popular and easy also .

    Most Chickens now don't need the Brining.  They come in the bag with a saline brine used for lenghthening , the

    sell by date . Fresh or unpackaged Fowl will benefit from a Brine .Add extra flavor in your Brine , i.e. - Garlic ,

    Onion , Bay , Rosemary , anything .

    Have fun and . . .
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  10. It is home built but I cant take all the credit, my ideas and my brothers hard work.
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    Georgie, possibly a bit late now, but I would go Beer Can Chicken.

    Smokin Monkey
  12. mcloven1t

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    I love to spatchcock the bird because for me, it's easier to cut all the pieces out. HOWEVER, both ways are awesome. I just suggest stuffing the whole chicken with either a can of liquids (not beer, because it won't get to the boiling point and create steam)  or I love using fruits like orange, lemon, apple, and maybe some green or white onions.

    Do NOT soak the wood. and Chunks are better than chips as they give off more smoke for a longer period of time.

    I never brine my chicken and it always comes out juicy & delicious. But if you have the time and want to take the effort, brining for 12-24 hours is always a nice addition.
  13. Well smoking beer can chicken was a failure, couldn't get the temp right so took it in the house (after 45 mins) and finished it in the oven, smoked flavour was good though [​IMG]
  14. smokin monkey

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    Hi Georgie, what was the problem with the Temperature, to high or to low?

    Smokin Monkey
  15. Temp was too low, we put a side burner on and just wasnt getting the draw through, mods are in the pipeline to correct this :) 

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