Spatchcock In A Barrel

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by mcloven1t, May 25, 2015.

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    Happy Memorial Day Folks!!!

    Huge THANK YOU To All The Service Men & Women For Protecting Our Freedom and Way of Life!!

    Decided to grill up a whole chicken today because the smoker is currently buried in my mess of a garage lol.

    Chicken - Foster Farms Whole Chicken "Spatchcocked"

    Season - Olive Oil applied before using McCormicks Applewood dry rub

    Injection - Stubbs Texas Butter injection marinade

    Got All The Tools I Needed, Including My Beverage :p

    Spatchcocked The Chicken, Then Went Ahead With Injecting Breast/Thigh/Leg

    Rubbed Around Some Olive Oil and Dry Rub Under The Chicken

    Applied A Generous Amount of Dry Rub On Top

    Almost 2 hours in, keeping the grill around 350 - 360.  Maybe another 30 minutes n we'll be set

    Sliced Potatoes and Corn on the Cob wrapped in foil on the top rack

    Took about 2 hours, pulled right around 165 degrees internal

    There was a tiny smoke ring around some of the meat,

    which isn't bad since I only used a small smoker box :p

    Final Plate...Chicken, Potatoes, and Corn (cut off the cob)

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    Looks like some great eating [​IMG]

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