South Texas Born and Bred!

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Feb 3, 2014
Just joined SMF.  I've been grilling and smoking meats for about 30 years now.  Always trying new things in hope of learning more about smoking and grilling meats.  My smokers and grills are custom made by a buddy of mine, but I do most of the designing.  I normally bbq or grill  3-4 times a month and recently got into making and stuffing my own sausage recipes such as jalapeno cheddar sausage as well as a pretty good Mexican Chorizo recipe made completely from scratch.  So far the recipes have been extremely well received.  I plan to continue experimenting with more sausage recipes and making my own meat marinades as well.  Glad to be a new member.

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Welcome Rick!  This a great place for education of new and old smokers. Their are so many new ideas you'll never try 'em all. But we are still trying....LOL

The search engine if full of stuff, stuff you'd believe that had never been thought of, is there and has been refined upon. The people are great here, we most enjoy talking about smoking if we can be smoking. Those folks up north actually have some good ideas too, go figure! If you have a question/problem/thought start a thread others may have had it or thought about it already. Again we like to talk. Then there are the Gurus, those with the Moderator or OTBS tags by their names, they are the fountains of wisdom as to smoking.

Make sure and take a min and click the "Profile" icon on the above tool bar and tell a bit about yourself most especially where you hand your hat at night, cause with 1/2 a million viewers we might forget, well not yours but someone else's. See where you are is always important to discussions and problems cause heck the weather is the same, nor do we always talk alike, not to mention those other folks may eat funky foods. So make it easy on those other folks when you join a discussion.

Its a great place with info, ideas, and people. So get a drink, drag up a chair and make yourself home.
Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   
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Thank You Sir.  Looking forward to the experience!

Thanks for the heads up.  Looking forward to it.

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