Sous vide finished Summer Sausage

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  1. Made some cheddar & jalapeno cheddar summer sausage & I am really loving the Sous Vide to finish. Three hours in the MES 30 with the pit master blend at right around 110 then vacuum seal & into the sous vide at 150 for 8 hrs (over night) & a ice bath in the morning. Couldn't be happier with the results so far...will post pics when I get a chance.
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    Looking forward to seeing the pics!
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    Yep, I agree finishing sous vide is the way to go. I take mine to ~135F in the smoker and then ~153F in the S/V for 3 hours.
  4. The finished product.

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  5. WOW!! That looks absolutely amazing. Where do I sign up for a couple pounds of that stuff??

    Drooling in Lago,
  6. Lol. Thanks.
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    Them look good,,, What size casings??
  8. What type of sous vide do you use? Name brand? Is it a submersable?
  9. Thanks 2 1/2 but cut on an angle so they probably look bigger.
  10. I personally have the Gourmia non blue tooth but know quite a few guys have the blue tooth version. The heating element & circulator are submersible.
  11. I am thinking about buying and trying the sous vide method you use but it's the first I had heard of it. Does it change the looks or taste of the sausage, or what ever type of meat your using? Is it best to buy the submersable one or the other? Am I correct in thinking that you stuff the meat (i.e sausage) smoke it then sous vide it then freeze, or cook or grill it then eat?

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