Sort of homemade Pastrami: The Grand Finale!

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Nov 3, 2013
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Bought a corned beef, about 4 lbs. and desalinated it by soaking it overnighting cold water. Made a rub I found online with black pepper, coriander, onion, garlic, and paprika. Gonna smoke it at 225 with apple, refridgerate for a couple of days, steam and slice.

For the beef ribs, I had some sliced ribs that I rubbed with SPOG and plan to 2-2-1 or whatever time variation works, foiling with beef broth. The other small rack I rubbed with Jeff's rub and plan to foil with Captain Morgan and glaze with some bbq sauce. If I have time maybe I'll make my first batch of Jeff's sauce. Haven't tried the rub on anything yet so I am excited about that .

Just to fill the smoker I also marinated some chicken breasts with white wine, lemon juice, olive oil,italian seasoning,salt, pepper, and garlic.

More pics to come...thanks for looking.
Pastrami went in around 9 with some apple... Smoker is holding between 220 and 230. It's going to be a battle today. Windy and 19 degrees right now. 50 degrees yesterday. Crazy weather...ribs will go on around 11.
Well, here are the ribs pre-foiling and after foiling... Ended up foiling he Jeff's rub ribs with apple juice because my daughter was being mischievous and I couldn't run down to my bar to grab the Captain Morgan . Didn't get as much pull back as I thought I would. The sliced ribs which were also thinner are cooking a lot faster than the small rack with Jeff's rub on them. You can also catch a glimpse of the pastrami in there. Seems to be stalking at 140... Is that possible?

I threw some chicken breasts in there for the wife. Thanks for looking!
Looking real good man! 
  & I'm a little late but yes you were in a stall - did it make it through yet?  
I would start probing it. Mine probed tender at 190.
Here are the pics of he ribs...pulled the ribs with Jeff's rub too soon because I wanted to eat dinner and hey had a good deal of chew but they were delicious and Jeff's rub is awesome. The sliced beef ribs were melt in your mouth tender and delicious. The rack of ribs was just so much thicker and my impatience got the best of me. Oh well. Live and learn!.

Ahhhh the pastrami just finished at 195...toothpick slid in like butter.

I'll have pics and sliced pics in the next post.
Holy crap! This turned out far better than I could have ever hoped for. I pretty much followed the directions from They did not recommend foiling but I did it out of necessity. Maybe the best thing I have ever smoked. This recipe/technique is supposed to be similar to Katz's Deli and I believe it.

Run to the store and buy corned beefs this week while they are still giving them away for less than $2.00/lb!

And supposedly when you steam them to reheat they become even more juicy...I don't know how that's possible. Thanks again for looking!
Yuppers, looks great
I plan on picking a couple up tomorrow.

Wonder how well the freeze from the store?
Looks good to me man Thumbs Up  You may not have to worry about reheating it - it might all be gone!  :icon_biggrin:  

Hahaha thankfully the whole process ended at 11 at night otherwise there would have been nothing to steam like you said... And I am full from those beef ribs anyways.
Yuppers, looks great
I plan on picking a couple up tomorrow.

Wonder how well the freeze from the store?

I buy a few each St. Patty's day and freeze them to make old fashioned boiled corn beef and they hold up fine... Never smoked a defrosted one though. Now I might buy ten haha. It's that good. Check out the recipe I mentioned above. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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