Some Meat Is Just Different

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Nov 25, 2006
Yesterday I smoked a pork loin of which there were cuts (chops) and the rest was pulled. I cut the beast in half and took the chops from the center of both pieces so the meat would be the same size.

I used the same rub that has been tried and true for flavor and did nothing unusual or different on this smoke, except that it got put off an extra day due to my schedule getting changed. Gotta love that.

So all things being equal to most every other loin smoke. One half of the loin was tender and very pullable. The other half was more tough and grainy. Much more difficult to pull.

I know the first thing somebody is going to say is that my thermometers are off.. yep exactly two degrees from each other and have been checked for acuracy. So I know where my thermometers run. I pulled the meat out of the smoker at 200º and 198º on the other half.

Keep in mind I'm not posting this to ask what I did wrong. I don't believe I did anything wrong. I post this so that the newer smokers aren't standing around scratching the ol' thinker when it happens to them.

Sometimes you don't do anything wrong, sometimes it's in the nature of the beast to be difficult to deal with. In grade school it was refered to as "doesn't play well with others". Well only one of my loin twins played well, the other was just difficult and should have been ground up into sausage.

Overall the smoke went well. It was a 9 1/2hrs for an 8.8 lb loin with a short stall at 151º, then on up to 165º. I foiled the loins and sent them on up to the 198º - 200º point. Pulled em out and let them rest for 1 1/2 hrs before working with them.

The chops came out at an internal temp of 160º and were very good. No problems with them.

So the point is, if you know your equipment, use tried and true methods, and things still aren't what you think they should have been. It isn't always that you did something wrong. Even the same piece of meat can throw you a curve ball.

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Dutch could probably explain this better but I think there is a difference between one end of the loin and the other. You cut the chops out of the center (center cut pork chops) and then you have the top end of the loin and the bottom end of the loin left over. I know when you get the family packs of pork chops you get a better price due to buying the less desirable cuts along with the best cuts.
Very well put!!! Iv'e had a peice of meat that " didn't play well with others" and left me " scrathing the old thinker" myself. I would'nt mind it so much when I'm cooking for me & mine but of course Murphy's Law took over and i was feeding folks that had never had smoked brisket before, or as i like to call it hockey puck with hickory,still don't know what went wrong.. checked thermos ect.. ect.. Did it the same way next time and it was fantastic... go figure :roll:
cajunsmoker, you are right and I should have included that in the message. Thanks for bringing that up. I wasn't speaking solely of pork loins though, just so happens that's what I smoked this time. I've had the same thing happen with other meats and I just figure it doesn't always have to be something you did wrong. Sometimes it is, but not always.

Cheech that's funny stuff LOL

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:lol: :lol: :lol: Cheech, there saying the coldes't weather of the season is headed our way next weekend, me & bud are headed to home depot to get us some supplies to make a wind break, I'll post a pic to let ya know what we come up with
Yep, you are correct. I have had the same thing happen also.

Think it's just a matter of age and general condition of the animals. Did a couple of briskets a month or so ago and one was done in 8 hours and the other took almost 20. About the same size and looked about alike. Just never can tell.
:?: Question, when selecting a brisket does the "bend" factor also apply if it's only a flat??
Thanks cajun, I allways try to find packers if I can but around these parts all I can find sometimes are flats :evil: , gotta do whatch ya gotta do :roll:
Hey Rodger, I've noticed pretty much the same thing on the same animal when I was cutting meat for a living. One loin would cut like a hot knife through butter and the other loin would make you think that your knife was so dull it couldn't cut through boiled owl crap. I have found this to be more common with older hogs than with the younger ones. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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