SOLD - ** J&R Oyler Little Red Smokehouse Smoker Model 250FSE Used only 1 year **

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Nov 29, 2014
I have an J &R Oyler Little Red Smokehouse Model 250FSE located East of San Francisco about 40 minutes. You can call J&R up right now and this one is selling brand new for $23,000 + shipping. This specific unit was manufactured in September 2014. It was first put into use on January 1st, 2015 and ended its time putting out great BBQ at a failed restaurant in the San Francisco Bay area on Dec 31, 2015. Only 1 year of use! Asking $16,500.

I bought it a few months ago with hopes to start up a side gig with catering, and grow from there, but haven't had the time to get started with it yet as our main work has been expanding. I took the back panels off, cleaned it up, and checked all dampers, and seals, and all are in perfect condition. The fire casting in the firebox is absolutely perfect, no chipping, no dings, no nothing...just perfect cement. I also put on new firebox gaskets supplied by J&R. The main cooking chamber gaskets are perfect. I've personally used it about 10 times the past couple months testing out different cooking techniques and temps for ourselves and friends, and its put out perfect bbq every time. In the J&R manual, they recommended brisket be cooked at 185F. I decided to try that out at 195F instead, as it seemed lower than what I cook it at which is 225F. I also wanted to see how long I could go holding that temp without putting more logs on, as my plan when opening a bbq spot would be to cook the butts and brisket at night, and didn't want to pay someone overnight just to put logs on. After getting it up to temp, I put on 4 logs, shut the firebox door, and went to sleep. 10 - 11 hours later, the thing is still holding at 195F! I had to take a peek in the firebox to see what was going on, and yes there were coals, but the thing is so well insulated, no heat escaping from the chambers, it held temp for that long. I threw a couple logs on and continued the cook.

I know this is a long listing, but feel that type of information is pretty important for those wanting to add this to their catering or restaurant business.

If there is any interest, please feel free to contact me.

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