Soggy casings on meat sticks

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Jan 25, 2014
I have made snack stick a few times now. I hae read and read and read to make sure things go right so I don't waste any meat. All the sticks I have made ( pepperoni, pizza, pepper/garlic and chorizo) have all turned out spectacular, even surprising myself. They all have great flavor.

My wife bought me a Hi Mountain kit to start and I have been using the collagen casings they provide.

I usually make the batch sizes about 10 lbs to justify the time put in. I bring them up to about 158 ish for IT and then let them bloom on the counter overnight. They have a nice clean snap when I bite them.  I cut them to length and put them into a plastic jar with a flip lid that I leave open. I take the rest and put into Foodsaver bags and freeze. I have also left them in a paper bag in the fridge, the parts that stick out of the bag stay crisp but the ends in the bag sog out.

Here is where I have problems. when I take them out of the freezer or leave the open jar in the fridge my casings seem to get soggy and rehydrate. They become chewy and peel off quite easily (the only plus of this).

Does anyone have any insight on to why this continually happens to me?
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Morning.... Yes.... You probably live in a humid area... cold sticks attract moisture as it condenses on the casing... then the casings get soggy.....

Please take a minute and check into roll call... and fill in your location... that makes answering questions easier.....

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