Snowy Day Brisket

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Feb 19, 2012
North New Jersey Paramus
Hi All Well another 12" of snow fell today, so it was a good day to an oven brisket..
Started with 11 .Lb Superior Angus Brisket from Restaurant Depot.
Cut n trimmed it down to 5 lbs, the other meat was going into the grinder for/hamburger/meatballs.
Rubbed with Texas BBQ brisket rub #2,wrapped in plastic sat overnite in the fridge.
Got up at 4:30 am to start the oven, put the brisket in the oven, at 5:00 am
after putting on some Montreal Steak Seasonings on it.Oven temp was 250.
Put the brisket on a rack with some beef broth. Foiled at 12:30 temp was 170*
Hour 1 1/2 hrs later the brisket was probe tender.
Wrapped in foil and place into the cooler with towels 4 hrs later it was dinner time.
Brisket was tasty n tender and more juicy then the ones I've made before.
I missed the smoke taste. All in all not a bad brisket, maybe one of my best of the 10/12 I did.
Enjoy DanB
PS I was not sure which way the grain was running, did my best.I usually cut off an end piece so I know which way the grain is running.

                  11 lb packer

    Trimmed down to 5 lbs

      Probe tender


That looks real tasty Dan!  Nice job...

Don't let a little snow stop you from using the smoker.....Good way to keep the snow from getting on the smoker. Brisket looks great ! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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