Snack sticks schedule

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Dec 9, 2012
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Gonna try some venison snack sticks this weekend. Plan on grinding and mixing seasoning, then in the fridge overnight. Stuff the next day and again in the fridge overnight (don't have time to smoke and stuff same day). Obviously, smoke on day three. Shouldn't be a problem leaving the stuffed collagen casings in the fridge overnight, should there? Thanks, appreciate the knowledge and wisdom.
This will be ok....

But if you can.. for times sake ... I would suggest mixing (hope you are going to use some type of cure.. there was no mention of it) and stuffing the same day... it will then cure (in the casing) overnight...
It will be easier to stuff this way vs waiting overnight !
Yes, there is cure #1 in it. So the meat will cure in bulk. My problem is limited time each day. I'm was primarily concerned about the casings. Haven't used collagen before.
What they said! I just finished a 15# batch of venison sweet & spicy with jalapenos and cheddar cheese snack sticks. They came out excellent. I actually ground, added spice and cure, mixed and then into fridge overnite. The next day I stuffed. Had to keep adding water to get it loose enough to stuff but worked it out. Waited another day to smoke. Next time I will stuff and let it cure in the casing instead of the bowls
BR, I usually stuff and then leave in the fridge for a day, never had any issues! Just make sure you air dry well before adding smoke.
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When I store my bulk sausage mix in the fridge overnight I always, before I seal the meat container, place plastic wrap directly on the meat surface squeezing out the air bubbles. This will help with not getting any air-discolored meat in the sausage mix. Once that is accomplished I go ahead and do the rest of the seal. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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