Smouldering wood in a cold smoker

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Original poster
Sep 6, 2021
For those cold smoking with wood logs, what size/method do you use?

My remote smoke generator is a hybrid that will burn a pellets/sawdust (in a maze) or wood in an underneath hearth
At least once a day, I will smoulder some hardwood (manuka or fruit wood) to give a distinctive smoky aroma and deep color

I am trying to find a sweet spot size that will generate smoke for a longer time (without going out), but also minimise the amount of heat.

You can see in the second photo I am now using pretty small splits (avg 1" x 5"). The shroud gets slightly warmer using wood
This results in an initial 4-6degree increase in cabinet temp, that settles down to about 1-2 degrees

I've tried much larger but the logs just go out, unless I sit in on a bed of embers (then the temp goes way up)

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