smoking pork tenderloin - internal finish temp?

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May 4, 2012
Hi All -

i am smoking my first pork tenderloin and i was wondering what i should be shooting for, for an internal temp?
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I like pull around 135-138 IT and place in a pan or on the cutting board with a foil tent to rest for 10-15 or so. The carryover will take it up and keep it nice and juicy.

And or it didn't happen 😆

What he said. I usually pull right before 140. Also, I usually brine them ahead of time, and that gives you a little wiggle room on temp as far as tenderness goes.
I agree with the 145 after carry over , but some of it will depend on who's eating it . At 145 it will still have some pink color to it . Some people have an issue with that .
Just under 150 . Still some pink , but smaller sections will be void of pink ,
but still tender and juicy .
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