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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jaybird28, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. OMG

    My wife and I just had an appy at The Public House in Port Townsend and it was Pork Lions. All we could think about was smoking these bad boys. I've never seen them at a major grocery store so I  assume a butcher is in order. Not sure how they cooked them but the amount of meat was better then a pork rib. Any advise for purchasing and smoking would be greatly appreciated
  2. foamheart

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    Here a while back I did what I called a bone-in pork loin, it was basically the same as a beef crown rib roast only it come off the oinker. I even frenched the bone ends. It was a delicious cut of meat that even I couldn't mess up.

    Here's my Q-View if its what you are talking about, I highly recommend it. BUT I would save it to fix for sometime when you seriously need those brownie points for the bride. By a new gun, joint the country club, get that red Jaguar, that kind of brownie points....LOL It really is good stuff!

    I caught it on sale around Christmas, got 2 of these and 2 each 5 bone prime ribs roasts. These are usually sold around Christmas cause everyone has that "I just don't care what it costs" feeling. LOL

    Hope its what you are looking for info about and I hope it helps.
  3. bigwheel

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    Not to be sticking my nose in other folks business by any means..but in my book the highest calling for a boneless pork loin is to be cut into fat loin steak..(no not boneless porkchops..thats an oxymoron) give them a 2 hour hot water brine of which I know the recipe..and cook mins per side on a hot gasser. Could make a person want to slap somebody's Mama. Not any of our Mamas of course. They are way too lean to smoke. Get a grip here. Thanks. Once they break 150 they turn into knotty pine.
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  4. cliffcarter

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    I cook pork loins and pork tenderloins the same way- apply apple rub, cook on the CharGriller at 300°-325° with apple wood until IT is 145°, then rest 15 minutes, slice and serve. One of my tenderloin cooks is here-

    If I cook loin I cut them into manageable size, about 2-3 pounds each. Cook them to the same IT.
  5. radioguy

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    Jay Bird,

    We call those western style, country style ribs here in the midwest.  Cut about 3/4" to 1"thick very little fat on the edge.  Great on the BBQ too!

  6. I stand corrceted by my wife. They were a shank, not a Lion. Back to any advise cause they were an appy at this joint for $9 for three shanks.
  7. bigwheel

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    Well I had to go google up what is a shank. It was it was a persons leg from the knee to the ankle. Where did you buy that stuff? We may need to call the cops.
  8. mchar69

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    If it's a shank, then low, slow, and moist (think braised) is how to break down all

    that collagen and connective tissue.. I, too wonder how the restaurant did them -

    maybe braise for 3 hours then hit the smoke?  Doesn't seem right.

    Also, good thing they weren't a Lion.  Just saying.
  9. fitch

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    Is It Good To spritz Pork Loin while smoking?
  10. bigwheel

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    No no no...never. That spritizing stuff was invented in Noo Yawk City or some place like that. It washes off the goodie and slows down the cooking. Dont make me come up there. Thanks.
  11. fitch

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    Please Do Come Up, I could Use Some Help. Thanks For the Advice. No spritzing. Another Question, Does The Fat Side Go Up Or Down On The Rack?
  12. bigwheel

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    Woops thought we was on butts...sorry.
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  13. fitch

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    Pork loin came out ok. It was a little pink so I finished in the oven for 45 minutes. I pulled at 150 Deg IT and let it rest for an hour.
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  14. bigwheel

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    The Spritzers must be blocking our transmissions. I am having trouble too. Anyway the worst thing a person can do to half pork loin is cook it too low or slow. I give 30 mins per side on normal model with a lot of smoke over a medium hot fire. When it hits 150 wrap with Mr. Tinfoil and stick in the insulated box for at least an hour. The flavor is all on the outside but that is the hazards of cooking big hunks of meat. That is why I like to slice in thick steaks and grill. Much more flavorful.
  15. I'm afraid I have to kindly disagree with that. I smoke a lot of loins & they always come out great. Very moist & flavorful.

    It is actually very easy to smoke a pork loin at lower temps.  [​IMG]
  16. dukelecker

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    When I do pork loin I love piercing a hole in the middle and slipping a smoked sausage inside.  It's sort of an awkward process, but they really compliment each other.
  17. delibsribs

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    That sounds dirty....and delicious
  18. bigwheel

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    Making me mighty hungry over here. Now how long are we going to slow smoke these two pound chunks of loin?  Yall are crazy peeples.
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  19. Mine take roughly around 2 hours or slightly longer at 2250  for a 2 to 2 1/2lb piece of loin. Give one a try - I bet you like it!  [​IMG]  

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