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smoking/oven combo cooking time question


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Hi all -

Smoking a turkey in my offset smoker again this year. About a 15 pound bird that I'll brine the night before, and smoke around 225 or so (if I can get the damn temp regulated.) This year, though, I'm going to try finishing it in the oven.

Problem is, i'm used to figuring time of about 30 min per pound when I do it on the smoker, but not sure how I calculate smoke + oven (at 350 deg) time. How should I back time my calculations?

Also - how long should I smoke before I put it in the oven? I've heard everything from 2 hours to 4 hours.




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My brain starts to hurt when I try to do the math required to calculate the oven time. I would shave the time per pound roughly in half by going from 250 to 350....but you have to go by IT anyway , so when it hits 165-170 you're done. But give yourself some wiggle room.

As for the smoke , my rule of thumb is this , " when it's got a nice color , it's got a nice smoke"
If you like it lightly smoked , pull it when it's a golden brown....if you like a strong smoke flavor let it get darker. You'll have some smoke flavor after 2 hrs , but 3 or 4 wouldn't be out of the question....it's kinda up to you. Is that helpful?


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Hi bmar

The 40-140 rule is going to apply to your turkey, which means you need to make sure it goes from 40 degrees to 140 degrees in less than 4 hours.  Make sure you have a dependable thermometer you can use to test the temperature deep in the breast meat or in the thigh.

If it were me I would give it a couple of hours in the smoker and see how it's doing.  It's going to take smoke flavor pretty easily, so a couple of hours will probably be enough.  Then move it into your 350 oven to finish.  It's going to take more total time than your usual 30 minutes / pound, but if you can keep your smoker at 225 you should be over the 140 degree danger zone before the 4 hours by moving it into the oven after 2. I would figure for a couple of extra hours total time, you can always pull it and put it in a cooler with warm towels to rest it if gets done early.


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'swede is on the right track here bmar. Smoke the bird in the smoker for 3 hours at the hottest temp you can maintain then finish off in the oven to an internal temp of 165°. Use a probe type thermometer that you can use in the oven to monitor the internal temp of the bird.


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Thanks guys. So...2-3 hours in the smoker at "high" temp and then probaby another couple of hours in the oven? I'm just trying to backtime from dinner! (will leave wiggle room - but just trying to get a worst case scenario ballpark time)

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