Smoking in January

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richard cameron

Smoke Blower
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Jul 14, 2016
Sacramento California
It’s been a busy day.  I got the smoker going and got a pork sirloin, three pork loin fillets, and a turkey going.  After 5 hours of cooking, my wife said “you forgot the meatloaf.”  We hurriedly put a meatloaf together, and put it on the smoker.  The pork and the turkey came off, and the meatloaf is still cooking.  The turkey is the best looking one that I have ever cooked if my memory is correct.  I can hardly wait to see how it tastes.

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Richard, all I see is a turkey, whats up with that? LOL!  
Meatloaf got done just as we were ready to walk out the door and have dinner with some friends.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the pork.  The meatloaf smells wonderful!  I've been told by my wife, that tomorrow's dinner is sliced turkey, Monday night's dinner is turkey soup, and maybe Tuesday night we can have some meatloaf for dinner.

I'm curious about the meatloaf. How did you prep and smoke it? Any info would be appreciated. The misses loves meatloaf and I would like to give this a looks delicious! Thanks!
Cornman, I hope this helps.

The original idea for my meatloaf came from  The recipe was one of Jeff’s that he put on his website.   Yesterday I just formed the ground chuck on a cookie sheet and added some breadcrumbs, diced onion, some garlic salt, and some seasoning salt on to it.  I then added the whipped egg mixture over the dry ingredients.  Before I put the ground chuck on to the cookie sheet, I placed a sheet of plastic wrap under the meat.  This helps lift the ground chuck from the cookie sheet without it tearing up.

I cooked the meatloaf in my RF smoker for three hours using some fruit wood. For the last 30 minutes, I basted some BBQ sauce over the meatloaf and let it cook in. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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