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    I have several large pork loins that I'm going to rub with butter and seasoning salt and smoke to 140 degrees IT.

    My question is: I'm freezing  the smoked meat and portioning it into meal sized parcels for eating at a later time. Is there any difference in how it is smoked, ie to a different IT and then heat it to 140 later?
  2. Loins and steaks I hold back a little.....Butt and brisket. I cook all the way....Yard birds all the way.

    Happy smoken.

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    If you take to at least 140 you should be good. Vacuum pack and freeze. Re heat by placing packet in simmering water till heated through. Enjoy. Mike
  4. If you smoke it to IT of 140° and freeze..............then heat to 140 have cooked it can cook in a can heat in a microwave..........don't cook it twice.......I cold smoke

    Then freeze....... I slice before I smoke..........then it is raw smoked meat........then cook to temp.

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