Smoking for 175 for my parents 50th anniversary

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Aug 30, 2022
I've been smoking for smaller groups for many years, but this is the first one with over 50 people (planning 175). Currently planning 10 pork butts and ~16 boneless skinless turkey breasts as a second meat option. I was originally going to smoke early AM on the day of the event and hold in a cooler, but that may not be possible. 5pm dinner and my wonderful mother wants to do family pictures at 2:30 (right about the time I'll be wrapping up the cook).

So.... I'm thinking about pre-smoking everything and then re-heating in table top roaster (like a Nesco) at the event. Unfortunately, we don't have commercial ovens for reheating.

I would appreciate any feedback... if this doesn't go well, might be a last minute run to McDonald's for 400 cheeseburgers!
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Jun 1, 2008
Start a little earlier to get it wrapped up by noon. Hold in coolers until 445 when you start to plate and all.
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Dec 28, 2013
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I did a bunch of butts this summer for about 100 people. I smoked them all ahead of time, then vac sealed and froze them. The day of the party I thawed the bags in a water bath in a big roaster, and then put the meat into pans over sterno cans. Never dried out, and the flavor was excellent.


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Dec 26, 2007
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You should have no problem reheating either of those two meats just keep some moisture in the roasting pan and the temp as low as reasonable.

Bought a case of turkey breasts one time thinking I was getting fresh raw turkey. Turned out I got a case of turkey breasts that the deli uses to slice thin and sell by the pound. Jenny-O's going about 7lbs ea. I was stuck I had to use them for a wedding the next day for about 150 people.

Turns out they smoked up great and they were a huge hit. I ordered them several more times after that. Worked great for me as I didn't have to worry about temps with raw poultry all I had to do was heat them through they took the smoke great and most importantly there was zero waste.
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