Smoking butt and chuckie at the same time advice

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  1. So rookie smoker here, trying my third smoke and you guys helped a TON last week. Attempting a 3 lb pork butt and a 3 lb beef chuck at the same time. Using masterbuilt at 225 and trying for 2 hours per pound target before wrapping .Any advice on time and temp? Will the beef stall around the same temp? Should I even be trying this?

    Thanks guys I appreciate all the help in perfecting my smoking!
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    You can smoke different meats and veggies simultaneously. 2 hrs/lb is about right for 225* chamber temp...should be pushing around 165-175* by then, but that's @ my elevation of 5K above're probably just a few hundred ft above, so it may be closer to the 185-190* range. You may want to shoot for closer to 1.5hrs/lb for foiling, if you don't want as hard of a bark on the meat. Probe for internal temps if you can, of course, and probe for tenderness before resting.

    EDIT: forgot to mention this, but if you're wrapping only to rest, and not foiling to reach finished temps, then 2-2.25hrs/lb will be close to your total cooking time if shooting for 200* I/T.

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  3. Thanks Eric, I'm at the 4 hour mark and the pork stalled at 160 while the beef is slowly rising but at 154, I plan to wait until the beef gets to 165 and then wrap and take both to 205 before wrapping again throwing the cooler for a few hours. Think makes sense?
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    sounds like a solid plan there. I am interested to see if they get done about the same time or not.

  5. Timber! My savior last week, so am I
  6. You guys have thoughts on shutting down the heat at 205 but leaving in the smoker vs. Double wrapping and putting the cooler?
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    Uh, oh...guess I'm too late for the party...just got back from a BBQ birthday party after doing a couple butts, a picnic and 12lbs of wicked beans, or I'd have been around to answer earlier. I have held meats in the "O" or smoker with temps dialed back to around 170*. It does work better in the "O" than a propane smoker, as it cools down slower, while with the MES you can dial it down quite a bit more from there. If you opt not to insulate to rest (held in a cooker), then you need to cool them down slowly. In the "O" you can preheat to 170*, leave smaller cuts in for 15-20 minutes and turn off the will cool down more slowly from there...just not quite as slow as if towel-wrapped.


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