smoking brisket

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Feb 8, 2014
I have a 2.5 lb brisket all rubbed up. My first time to smoke. I have an electric master built and am using a blend of soaked chips. I'm looking for a temp and time per lb.

Thanks. Eddie
Personally i dont cook to temp or time. Every piece of meat cooks diferent and gets done at diferent temps and times.

Poke test and by feel is the only way to know when a cut of meat is done IMO.

Meat probe should slide through it like warm butter. Now the temp can be anywhere from 200-210 meat temp. Time will depend on alot of variables. Meat, consitent cook temps, temp your cooking it at, fat content in the meat to render out.
CrazyQ summed it up nice. I have never done a brisket less then 8lbs so as to how long it would be hard for me to say but 8lbs  to 10lbs take me from 10 to 15hrs depending. I stay around 225ish. Just don't rush it. It can rest in a cooler for hours and still be perfect.
I buy the super trimmed and they are anywhere from 7-10lbs. I cook H/F at 300 and itll take anywhere from 5.5-7hrs. Then to the cooler for an hr or so and then i let the meat temp come down to 150 and slice, chop, and get my burnt ends.
Thanks for the help. Got it at 225 gonna smoke a couple hours the check temp. Then cover and cook more if needed. If it takes longer its OK, I have plenty of cold ones[emoji]128559[/emoji][emoji]128559[/emoji][emoji]128559[/emoji]
They sell big ones too. Have some in the freezer. Didn't want to ruin a whole one so I got a flat.
OK so I am gonna do a 6lb turkey breast tomorrow..for anyway I am gonna inject and rub. Any pointers on keeping it moist
OK so I am gonna do a 6lb turkey breast tomorrow..for anyway I am gonna inject and rub. Any pointers on keeping it moist

  I do turkeys for my wife a lot.. 

1)Rub and Brine

2)Get fire going at 300 to 350(Makes Skin Crispy)

3)Set in a pan on the smoker with 8 to 12oz of beer yes actually put the bird in the beer.(I use a Cider beer)Angry Orchard. Start with breast side down, after about an hour turn turkey to breast side up. When end of legs and tops of wings start to burn cover them with foil. That part cooks faster then the rest.

4) Rest after cooking and enjoy

If I'm doing just a flat I aways inject with beef base, rub, smoke in a aluminum pan with some beef broth and baste with the juices every once in a while. I can say I have never had one dry out. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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