Smoking 14lb brisket in MES 30

Discussion in 'Beef' started by aviator79, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. My first one was a small 4lb flat from costco. Went to restaurant depot and got a full cut.

    Left all fat on per this. Followed rub mostly but had no chipolet so used moroccan spice:

    I found this post:

    but still didnt want to attempt to split tip from flat so did just went this route with a cut and fold over:

    Simple rub:

    Using an Amazon pellet smoker.

    So put it on at 10pm and thinking it wont be ready in time for a 6pm dinner tommorrow. I have a 4lb flat I might have to put in in the morning...will have too much but better than nothing.
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  2. Just went out to set up thermometer and had a grease fire by bunker on chip holder from. Have it pulled out slightly. Going to ad a rack below it with tinfoil and holes where geese should fall into water pan.
  3. Just had another temp spike cause all the pellets on fire. Guess they got too hot so pulled and emptied and will try again..

    In dark...its hot. Wtf. Try again. Going to be a long night.

    maybe was bad pellets as they were sitting outside under porch. Figured as they stemmed like they had not gotten wet they would be ok but I bet that was the problem. Hopefully good now.
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  4. waterinholebrew

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    Hope all starts going better for ya ! That brisky sure looks like it's gonna be tasty ! :beercheer:

  5. Again....caught just as temo went up so no real spike. I will just do one row...
  6. Done in like 12 hours...resting in a cooler. Hope it stays warm.

  7. oldschoolbbq

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    I'm all in for Brisket.  Looks like good Bark. Didn't see a temp. you cooked at, and not familiar with the Amazon smoker. Pic , please .
  8. Where are you placing your AMNPS in your smoker? Do you have it just above the heating element? Most folks try to get the pellets dryer to make sure it stays lit, so I question whether or not dryness is the issue with your pellets. Dry or not they should not all burn at once. They may burn faster but not at once, I wouldn't think. Unless, of course, you filled it too full.
  9. bearcarver

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    Like tbrtt1 said, having the AMNPS too close to the high heat (element, coals, etc) can make it jump rows and all burn up in a hurry.

    Also having the pellets filled all the way to the top of the rows can cause it. That's why the inner walls are like a pyramid, so hot burning pellets aren't too close to the unburned pellets next door.

    If you fill it to the top, the top pellets are too close!!!

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  10. I don't have an MES, but i put my AMNPS on the floor of my #2 and it is slightly below the element and on the side of it. 
  11. I dont think mosture content played a role as my first time I had pellets that were sitting outside for a month in a pan on porch so possibly moist but felt fine so I used them. Second time used from the bag I have inside in a closet.  Pellets should be dry.  If they are moist they will turn to dust...

    I did have it too full at first but from what the pics show and what I saw it ignited from the bottom not top.  Second fill I did way below top and still ignited.

    I have it next to burner on left side.  Was not sure where to put it but I put it there the first smoke as that is where it looked like it was made to go.  I did 4 racks that time with a brisket and ribs.  I didnt think it ignited like this but IDK.
    Ya I think I will have to put on first rack next time.  I had meat on second rack with first rack foiled to prevent grease fire but next time will put on third rack so I can put pellets on first rack.

    Pulled around 190 at 10am. with set temp of 225 but many spikes initially.  Was soft (toothpick test) when pulled but fatty when we ate it so think more would have renderd down if kept in longer.  Put in cooler for 6 hours and was 154 when ate at 6pm.Should have cut and put tip pack in for burnt ends as that was the fatty part.

    But was still pretty good, just not great.  Lots of this is good, no this is amzingz...
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  13. Bear knows !!   sorry I'm a stick burner

  14. mummel

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    Aviator79 - did you sort this prob out in the end?  How do you like these pellets?  40lbs for $32.  Any further review?
  15. I tried to post a thread here but was deleted after I added pics and never released.  I created a thread on MSF (mazda speed forums):

    Smoked a shoulder last weekend.  Put these on bottom and caught fire so reloaded and moved to top rack and it went out overnight. Relit in morning and stayed lit and no flare ups so I will just have to use them on the top rack which is fine so long as I am not trying to smoke a ton of food. Also feel its not ideal location but im sure some smoke circulates rather than just exiting vent.  I thought everyone used the APNS on the bottom bellow bottom rack in MES30 but IDK.
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    What do you think about the CookinPellets 40PM that you used?  They sell for $32 for 40lb.  Seems like a decent deal.
  17. where in MA are you?
  18. Ya if you were closer you could come grab some to try out. Reviews of them are good but I just had issues with them catching fire
  19. bearcarver

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    Which MES 30 do you have?

    In the Gen #1 it should go on the support bars in the bottom to the left of the chip burner.

    Maybe you said this earlier & I didn't see it.

  20. I have a gen 1.

    When I place it there it ignites. I assume pellets but have yet to try others. Only other time i had different pellets was what came with the APNS but I had no temp probe and was bowling so IDK if it flared up.  I plan to try new pellets when I can afford to buy some.


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