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Original poster
Apr 30, 2007
Has anyone heard of this smoker and if so, what do you know about it. I'm trying to decide on the Masterbuilt, Cookshack or this Smokin Tex unit. The Masterbuilt is a lot less expensive but the Smokin Tex looks very similar to the Cookshack at almost half the price. The problem is that I have not seen any post on the Smokin Tex. (Smokin Tex 1300 Pro Series Electric Smoker)

I figured this was the one place I could get some solid feedback!!!

...prove me right...

Hey never give up someone will be here sometime

I know all about the MES but not educated on the Smokin Tex.

Looked at their website and came away with the following opinions.

Yes it seems very similar to a Cookshack....I think they are both narrow (not adaptable) in the way you can use them....Remind me of a set it and forget it scenario....If you are just getting started and want something that is less expensive, adequate, and adaptable in an electric smoker then go with the Masterbuilt....You will not be sorry and If you really get into smokeing you will be able to afford another fuel type smoker and still have less invested than the Smokin Tex would cost in the first time investment.....Just my opinion...Lots of luck

I've heard very good things about the masterbuilt. Haven't heard much about Smokin Tex in a while. There are some here who have the masterbuilt. They should chime in here shortly.
My neighbor has a Smokin Tex and he loves it. I took a look at it and does appear to be similiar to the Cookshack. I would say that either way you are ok, both are as heavy as a dead horse. The Masterbuilt I have not seen so sorry I can not help you on that one
Thanks for the post, for a minute it was very lonely with this post. Thanks for coming thru with some valuable input. I'll head over to roll call now....

I recently started using the masterbuilt and find it very easy to use ,works awesome and I also built a box added to the top of the unit for use in cold smoking ,making it a very versatile unit !
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