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  1. Super excited!!! I just ordered the #3!!!!!!
  2. Awesome I'm sure you will be happy with it!
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    Got my very 1st smoke in the #2 as we speak. Doing a 6.5lb pulled pork over hickory. I'm using two large pieces of hickory that was sent with the #2. Using Meowey's Basic Pulled Pork technique that I found on this forum, a rub I found in the book "Smoke and Spice" and will add some SoFlaQuers finishing sauce when pulling. Been in the smoker since 6:45 this am. Smoker dial set about 215. Trying to maintain 225's been a little bit of a challenge. Using the -732, been able to keep it within +/- 15 degrees of 225. Almost 5 hours into the smoke and it's holding around 162, perhaps the stall. Next up will be to foil at about 165. Shooting for 195-205 finished temp, then I'll wrap and let sit in the cooler for an hour or so. We're serving with DW's homemade BBQ sauce on SWB, creamy cole slaw, and perhaps some kind of beans. The only thing I wanted to try, but didn't, was to spray some apple juice/rum mix over the Q. Maybe next time.
  4. Good luck with the smoke, let us know how it turns out.

    PS - you'll learn to ignore the temp swings :)
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    The pulled pork was fantastic. Ended up keeping it wrapped in the towels and cooler a little longer than expected but it didn't impact the flavor at all and if anything made it even juicier.
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    It's a good feeling, isn't it?
  7. I purchased the smoking-it #2 in January.  I have been smoking with it practically every weekend...very nice, sturdy unit that holds temps great.   They offer 3 versions now, with a fourth unit (The Big Daddy) coming soon.   I highly recommend it for folks like me that like to set it and forget it.   Now off to roll call....
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    I have had my smokinit smoker for over 3 years now and I love it. I have told all my friends and family about this smoker and I recommend it. It has been a great smoker and I think it's worth every penny.
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    Glad to see all who own enjoy.
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  10. hey,  tell me more about the upcoming Big Daddy!!!
  11. I am not sure when the #4 is coming out, but you can go to the smoking-it web site, enter the forum there, and you will see a discussion board for the big daddy that includes several pics.  Looks like a monster to me - 10 racks!
  12. Thanks!

    I am not sure how i missed it. i guess I just glanced over the post!

    It is a monster!!
  13. I just registered on the SMOKIN-IT forum to see the Big Daddy pictues and it looks awesome. The #2 is fine for me but I wish I could get the Big Daddy. Love to hear from the first person that does get it.
  14. With 10 racks, it is a monster!  They should be releasing the Big Daddy next week, but it's seems to be more of a commercial model than personal use...I don't know how my family could eat food off of 10 racks...and I really don't want to become the neighborhood smoking-it chef!!
  15. Hello all,

    I'm doing my first smoke on my #3.. I have 3 racks in as we speak doing the 321 method. I can't get my temp past 215. Am I doing something wrong? Also, how many chunks of wood should I have started with?
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    Man I sure am liking the sounds of the big daddy. My biggest smokes always come after deer season when we are smoking sausage. This thing sounds like it will be a sausage smoking machine:)
  17. I have a #2 and it usually takes a half hour to come to full temp.   I have heard that if you put too much meat in the smoker, it will affect reaching the desired temp, but I would think 3 racks in a #3 is not too much.   I have had a couple of instances where the meat was touching the remote temp sensor and that affected the reading.

    As for wood, use less rather than more - I think the recommendation is no more than 4oz .. I usually use a couple of pieces.   After the first smoke, you can decide whether you want to add more, but too much wood can impart a bitter taste in the meat.
  18. Well,  guys, I finally pulled the trigger on the #3 this afternoon. 

    Just now  (SUNDAY evening) i got an email that it has shipped!   Fast, Eh?

    I haven't told my wife yet  :)

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    Haven't told the wife? Dead man walking. Haha. Jk

    I just smoked some ribs like I always do in my #1, but I filled one rack completely! I mean every square inch was full! After the usual 2-2-1 on BB ribs, the ribs didn't finish cooking.

    When I cook in an oven, if I put more food in the oven it also effects the cook times and temps. The more full the racks or even a baking sheet is covered, the more time it takes to cook. The only way to get around these principles is convection which most ovens and a smokin it are not.

    So full racks for the most part = more time or two smokes
  20. Yeah for sure..... the reason i got the #3 is to have plenty space in the smoker.....  The most I plan to smoke is 8 racks of ribs or 2-3 pieces of pork shoulder.... But who knows. 

    Also the wife will get a surprise..... 

    The backyard is not completed yet,  but the doghouse is ready :)
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