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  1. Here is a photo of the SI 3 and stand.  If I was to do this again I would not get the stand.  The new design of the side shelves are totally crap.  They droop down with no weight added and when any weight is added they droop more and bow out the side of the
     stand.  The old design with supports would be better.
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    Thanks, Pete.  I just ordered the #3 and passed on the stand.  My primary reason was that it only added a little bit of height.  Now that I hear that the quality isn't very good...glad I saved the $200 plus shipping.  
  3. As mentioned earlier in this thread, an affordable and attractive solution is to pick up a stainless steel table for about $100 and just set/bolt the smoker on that. Depending on the space you have you could even get one large enough to use as a prep/chop table as well.
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    Although MY SI 1 suites me well and use it every week, I can foresee a time when I will want to cook more volume. Currently with three racks going, I can not smoke hardly more than 10lbs of fat  chicken wings at a time. I wish there was a way to slide one more rack in it for flat items.

    Like the others have said..... go big.
  5. Hindsight is 20 20 they say.  I should have done my homework first and I definitely would have gone with a stainless prep type table instead of the $200 SI cart that turned out to be a great disappointment.   No where near the design quality when compared to the smokers design.
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    The AMNPS does work great with the SI smoker if you get the jerky dryer fan. 
  7. Grimm
    When its on your steel table are the stadard legs high enough to place the drip pan under it. I thought it was too low. Specifically for #2
  8. No I don't recall the one that came with it fitting, you can use a disposable aluminum pan or a brownie pan. I use the drip pan as a serving pan more then anything.
  9. I just finished my first smoke (two salmon steaks about 3/4 lbs and 1" thick). I set the temp to 180 and really panicked when the temp got to 230 and the IT was rising much faster than I anticipated. I noticed the element cycled off but still lowered the temp to 175 and the swings went from a high of 215 to 160 for the rest of the smoke. It was raining during most of the smoke but started pouring just as IT reached 142 and I was ready to take them out. Ended up leaving them in for another 15 minutes and IT rose to 149. They were really good (wife loved them) but a tiny bit dry. I think they would have been perfect if I could have pulled them when I wanted.

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    I think we have all panicked at one time or another.  Then we sit down, eat, enjoy, and realize all is well in our smokey corner of the world. 
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    I have my #2 sitting on a cart similar to this:

    (my cart has a flat top)

    The drip pan fits fine beneath it without the casters in place:

  12. Thanks for the post and pictures chs4!
  13. Thanka chs4. That looks like one of those multimedia carts. I have to scour craigslist to find something useable.
  14. About to make my first pp butt tonight I am going to use pecan wood to change it up from the hickory. I picked up some fruitawood chunks from a local shop but the chunks are big and I have nothing to cut them with. Is it ok to use one big chunk (6oz) or smaller chunks over time?
  15. Pick up a small hatchet so you can split them. But it should be ok, pecan isn't an over powering wood.
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    A 2" chisel and a hammer work great.
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    For all those that are debating between sizes I wanted to give you my opinion on SI #1 that's I've been using frequently over the last few months. Note  we use smoker to feed just 2 people.  So far only one occurrence when I wish I had a #2 instead.  I had a rack of ribs in, which in the #1 requires you cut the ribs in half.  I like to smoke with a pan under my meat so I don't have a mess to clean up. This means one rack of ribs takes up both racks in the smoker.  I wanted to do a tray of smoked nuts that day as well but didn't have the room.   I'm still happy with my decision and would buy the #1 again if I had a chance to do it over.   I like how light it is, which allows me to lift it up onto the table on my deck, I like that it's only 350 watts so it's cheap to use, and you can't beat the price compared to the #2 and #3.  I would also recommend none of the accessories.  The cord hanger is fine, but it's not worth the price after it bumps the shipping $6 or so.  I use a $7 air conditioner cover for it and it works very well.  I think for a 2 person household the #1 is just fine.  If you feed more than that or use it to entertain often, I'd definitely buy a larger unit. 
  20. Thanks for your opinion. I have only had my #1 for a week but we are empty nesters now and couldn't justify a larger unit. That and the portability of #1 made it the choice for us.

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