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    I have the chip insert, got it for free but I'm glad I have it. Had I paid retail price for the chip insert though I'd have felt I over payed.  It looks like it's just cut from a big sheet of perforated metal with a little handle spot welded to it.  The chunks of wood work better, but I can only find mesquite and hickory in chunks around here but can find a big variety of chips.  People say they use chips without the insert but I'd rather have it.  I too was considering the seafood rack but really didn't want to spend the money and I'm glad I didn't.  Skin on salmon on the standard racks were no problem.  Others suggested rather than spending the money on the seafood rack you instead get something like Frogmats.  I don't have them but they're cheaper than the seafood rack and would be more useful overall than the seafood rack.   I do recommend the cord hanger.  I bought a $7 window ac unit cover to use as a cover and I'm happy with it.
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    I have the seafood rack and a frogmat.  The frogmat is superior for sure.  You can turn any of the racks into a seafood rack with it and it's non stick.  I'd just get an extra regular rack and some frog mats seperately.
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    I haven't seen one in person either but heres a link
  5. Finally ordered my unit! Was gonna add the cord hanger for $3.99, but it added $10 to my shipping cost. I'll find something to use instead. Can't wait for arrival. Thanks for the advise all.
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  7. a bent piece of punched steel bar from home depot will do the trick just fine.
  8. Actually, I had n "L" bracket in my7 garage that I screwed into the back of the unit.

    Works great.
  9. My smoker as waiting for me when I got home last night. Got everything put together, and even rigged a cord holder with a couple L brackets I mounted to the smoker cart. I really don't want to put it outside it looks so sweet, but I know I'm gonna have to. Gonna fire it up and season it tonight and hit it with a brisket on Sat. Can't wait!
  10. Looks like my brisket will have to wait. Rain in the forecast all weekend :(
  11. Any advise on seasoning my new smoker? How much wood, and how long should I season it?
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    Season per the instructions regarding amount of wood and temp, and no peeking during the process.  All will be fine.  Just remember to remove all packing material, plastic and I would pull the racks.  Some folks on this site have reported washing down the interior (gently I assume) to remove any oils from manufacturing. Probably not a bad idea to give it a quick wipe with some mild solution or kitchen type cleaner.  Then rinse to remove cleaner and/oils and wipe dry before seasoning.  
  13. Hahaha... The hardest part about using this smoker! I can't stick my fingers in there and pull a little stuff off the sides anymore. Dag-nab it.

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    Just wanted to say that the customer service ordering my #3 was great as Steve made sure my smoker was in the Fedex system last week in time to be delivered for the weekend.  Ordered on a Wednesday, delivery on a Friday-pretty darn impressive.  Seasoned it Saturday, used it Sunday and all was good.
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    Wolfpackpilot -

    Here is how to cheat on the smoker:  Get two very long thin knitting needles or cooking chopsticks, notch the ends and go fishing through the smoke vent for a nibble. You won't be successful but it does pass the time.

    Nycg8r -

    Steve is quick on the shipping, that's for sure. Enjoy!
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    Going on our maiden voyage tomorrow! Baby back ribs are rubbed and chilling till tomorrow. Here is the question. I really don't want to do the 221 or 321 with foil only because I don't really want to be going out and opening the smoker while its raining tomorrow and frankly, I feel like if I'm letting so much heat out evertime I open the smoker. So, how do I make sure my ribs are moist and tender if I don't plan on opening the smoker during the process? Do the pros use foil? I'm not in a hurry so I don't mind extra time. Open to suggestions :)
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    Hello Suya,

    I have done it all three ways - 2 2 1, 3 2 1, and just plain naked. Some sprits with apple juice which I have not done. On the foil issue, I have not really noticed a difference or improvement.  Each rack of ribs is different.  Some have a good amount of fat and will stay moist internally without foiling.  Others are very lean and will tend to be somewhat dry, even with foiling.  The outermost layer of pork goodness will be naturally drier than the interior as it was most exposed to the heat.  It will also be the smokiest tasting.  This is not much different than if you roasted them for the same amount of time in an oven minus the smoke. 

    It is all a matter of taste and experimenting and keeping a record of the outside temperature (minor importance as far as I am concerned), and recording your technique for smoking ribs each time you do it as well as the results and settling down on the technique/results you like best. 

    If you are going to foil, you will lose temp as you stated and that cannot be helped. Some folks like the fall off the bone tenderness and others like a little chewiness.  I will say that after your allotted time, if the meat has not pulled back from the end of the ribs somewhat, they will be a tad tougher than had there been pull back.   There is test you can do and that is when you think they are done, slide a toothpick along the rib bone and into the meat.  If it goes in with little to no resistance, enjoy.   Resistance means they have not reached their full potential for tenderness. But again, it is a matter of taste. And overcooking or over smoking is never good.  

    When just getting started, it is ok to peek at the 3 or 4 hour mark.  You would have to do this if you were to foil anyway. Monitor the time it takes for the smoker to get back up to temp and adjust accordingly.

    Good luck and enjoy. 
  18. Water pan or no water pan in the smoker? I see that some people add some water pans in the smoker while smoking. I've only had smokers that use a water pan to keep the food moist. Is it a matter of preference, or does the liquid really make a difference in the meat? Any advice? Thanks all.
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    Desjeany -  The Smokin-it, like other high quality electric smokers, is pretty much air tight (90% or better?) save for the typical smoke vent and opposing grease hole so it retains a certain amount of moisture that the meat gives up during smoking.  The additional moisture may affect the bark.  You can use one since Steve offers a liquid pan on his site. And there are a couple of youtube videos showing folks using small aluminum trays on either side of the element to keep things moist and smokey.  Maybe even add beer or cider rather than plain water.  So give it a shot and see how you like it.
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    I had assumed the water was for moisture but I have read several places that the water pan is in there to regulate temperature (it acts like a heat sink). My question is, isn't that what the thermostat does? I don't fully undertand. I'm thinking I'm going to just put in the liquid holder I bought with the smoker and add apple juice. Not sure why, just going to do it :)
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